Our core competency is the development of scalable cloud-based Web applications and backends for Mobile applications. We currently primarly work with Go. In the past we have done significant work with Node.js and Ruby/Rails. We also have experience with functional languages such as Erlang and Scala. We have domain expertise in CRM, ERP, e­Commerce, Geospatial, and Machine Learning Applications in Text Mining and Reccommender Systems.

Product Development

We are happy to work with customers who need to develop a new product, or need help with an existing product. We typically work on a single product at a time, and our entire focus is on all aspects of the development of the product. We follow agile development methodologies. We continue to develop products for customers in the US.


We are guided by good systems engineering practices. We look for innovative, yet simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. Our philosophy is to build lean, efficient systems, with simple, easy to understand flows, clean, minimalist user interfaces, and modular, robust, and scalable back-ends.


Values are extremely important to us, as delivering good software requires a lot of integrity and commitment. We carry over this integrity and commitment into our interactions with customers. We focus on making each customer successful. We continue to be inspired by Don Tapscott's Four principles of the Open World.


We have previous experience in product development (CRM, ERP, Database, Application Servers) at Oracle and Amdocs using J2EE and Oracle Database technologies. Our educational background includes advanced degrees in computer science and engineering (IIT-Bombay and University of Michigan, USA).